Right now I don’t know what to write here as my first post, so I figured I’ll post some of my past origami works. Bear in my mind that all of the models shown here weren’t designed by me. I only fold them. I’m a paper folder from Indonesia.  I’ve been into origami for about two years now. I find it fun and relaxing. I always try to fold all of the models precisely. I get upset and less motivated whenever I made mistakes.  Also, I don’t like models that require too much shaping because I don’t have the right papers. All the papers I have weren’t really made for intermediate or more advanced origami models. The only real origami papers I have are “kami” (common origami papers that comes with different colors) with sizes no bigger than 20×20 cm. I’ve looked into many book stores and arts and crafts stores, but they don’t seem to sell better origami papers.   So with those limitations, most of the time I had to fold using non-origami papers such as printer papers, unused calendar papers, paper money, notepad papers and wrapping papers.

Well, enough of me complaining about papers. Here are the models

US$1 Koi Fish (designed by Won Park). Well yeah it’s not folded from a US$1 bill. I folded it from Rp 100.000,- (Rupiah, Indonesian currency). They have the same dimensions as US$1 bill 🙂


Money Flowers (designed by Stephen Hecht). Folded from Rp. 10.000,- and Rp. 5.000,-

Pegasus (designed by Satoshi Kamiya). This one was folded from unused calendar paper (uncut square).  Diagrams/isntructions can be found in Kamiya’s book (Works of Satoshi Kamiya)

Dromedary (designed by Gabriel Alvarez). Folded from 1 uncut equilateral triangle paper

Money Deer (designed by Kiki)

Scottish Terrier (designed by Peterpaul Forcher)

Baby Raccoon (designed by Noboru Miyajima)

Chocobo (designed by Satoshi Kamiya)

Danger! (designed by Quentin Trollip)

Fox (designed by Peterpaul Forcher)

That’s all for now. I’ll post some more when I finally figure out how to transfer the pictures from my digital camera.

Let’s fold! 😀